Who Is The Healthy, Wealthy Entrepreneur?

Kimberly N. West

Stuck in a rut? Looking to improve your health, build wealth, enhance your career or business and have better relationships, not to mention mind-blowing sex?  Good.  I’m here to blast you into a new reality!

Hey y’all, I’m Kimberly N. West, a business owner, organic farmer, Reiki Master Teacher and Tantric Goddess, residing just outside Atlanta, GA.  I served my time in Corporate America (20+ years), have been a management consultant and owned various businesses including a technology consulting firm which is still in business today and restaurants.

I’m that chick who says, “I wonder if I can…” then goes out and does it, whatever ‘it’ is.

Why are we here and why do I do what I do?

We are here because you want to radically change your life and I can help.  You will be challenged to reach higher goals and improve your time on this earth so that you will truly enjoy getting up each morning.  You want more control over your finances.  You want to achieve a true life/work balance.  You are a free spirit ready to take flight!  Get healthy, become wealthy, build that career or business, improve your relationships and get your sexy back!  It’s time for you to step into your destiny and fulfill your true purpose here on earth.  I do what I do because I get a charge out of seeing others living the life of their dreams.

“You are more than just a hamster on this wheel we call life.”

How am I qualified to do this?

In the past 20+ years I have worked with some of the biggest names in corporate America; Bank of America, Microsoft and various Wall Street firms.  I am also a certified coach in Life Transformation, Finance, Sex & Relationships.  I use my own life experiences and training to bring out the best in you.  My approach is very ‘in your face’ and I take no prisoners.  This has resulted in sizable gains and successes for my clients.

I work hard but play even harder!  Traveling the world in search of decadent culinary and oneophillic delights, organic farming (I have 15 chickens and a huge garden), cooking international gourmet meals and playing the violin are what I do in my spare time.  I’ve been to over 30 countries and 6 continents (Antarctica is coming soon).  Exactly what I’ve wanted to do all my life.  So, join me in this adventure and create your own path to freedom!

Where To Find Me.

Join me on Facebook at THE HEALTHY, WEALTHY ENTREPRENEUR or on Twitter @DrKNWest