Feedback from current and former students...

Without a doubt, I highly recommend the Coaching Program! For a busy professional such as myself with a full-time corporate career while nurturing a growing, entrepreneurial venture, the program was efficient and effective. Dr. West is thorough and detailed, yet doesn’t waste time belaboring material you already know. She zeros in with precision on the knowledge level and learning capability of the individual class members and meets them where they are. Additionally, there is a wonderful mix of reading, discussion, role-play, actual viewing of websites, and other mechanisms to drive the material home, but also keep the class lively and interesting. In just a couple of days, I became a professional certified coach – able to fulfill my dream of helping others, but also activating another revenue stream that will get me closer to my goal of working for myself as a location-independent entrepreneur. Not only would I recommend Dr. West and the Coaching Program to my family, friends, and business acquaintances…I already have!

Sonjia ‘Lioness’ Mackey
Founder & CEO, (Im)Possible Living, LLC

I achieved a major milestone today…

In January my life was at a major crossroads, I was unfulfilled in many ways. Relationships were floundering, finances were a mess, I wasn’t even sure of my passion and then I lost two friends in a horrible car accident…

Fast forward six weeks ago. In walks another amazing lady, Dr. K. Nannette West. She helped change my life. As of today, I am now certified to be a Life Coach in five areas ( Educational Coach, Educational Relocation Coach, Debt Relief Coach, Life Empowerment Coach and Motivational Youth Coach). She also tailored my training to suit my needs and she is wonderful.

Working with… Dr. K taught me many things. If you want to change the way you live and you’re not sure of how to do it, then ask for help. Seek people out. There are too many people out there in the world to help you make your dreams come true! Also, this is you life! You are in charge of it, no one else. Doc would not have been able to help me if I were not extremely thirsty. I saw what needed to change and I created a plan. I have one chance to get this life right and I intend to!

If your passions is helping others, then Dr. K. is your lady

K. A Coaxum
Certified International Teaching/Lifestyle Coach

I was excited and nervous meeting with ‘Dr. K.’ to become a certified life/health and wellness coach. This is something that I had been thinking about for awhile but I lacked the confidence to pursue it. However, Doc was amazing! She was able to make the class interactive and fun. She felt more like a mentor rather than a teacher. I am so happy I decided to put my fears aside and I look forward to my future. I’m sure I will be reaching out to Kimberly again for help,as she is a wealth of information and knowledge.

S. Richardson